How is Independent Living Services of Simcoe County & Area (ILS) involved in Quipit?

Independent Living Services is excited to have the opportunity to act as the host organization for this website. As it is not ILS’s role to endorse or recommend any of the items listed for exchange those person/persons who are listing the items are identified within the listing for contact. All sales, deliveries and receipt of items are to be arranged directly between the party selling and/or giving and the receiver. ILS accepts no responsibility or involvement in the exchange – please see the User Agreement – listed on each page.

What is the Cost of Using Quipit?

Listing equipment is free at this time. The equipment may be offered free of charge or for a price determined by the person listing.

I don’t seem to be receiving emails from the system! What should I do?

Please remember to always check your junk & spam folders for any emails from potential buyers or Quipit. If you still can’t find the email, please contact us for help.

How long will my item remain posted on Quipit?

Until you delete the ad or up to ninety (90) days. After this period, you are free to repost the ad.

How do I update or remove my item?

Please see the ‘How it Works’ section of the website for instructions on how to update or remove your item.

Is the listed equipment assessed for safe use?

There are no inspections to certify the safety of devices prior to being listed. It is recommended that prior to considering equipment, it be assessed by an authorized medical equipment technician to ensure its functionality and safe use. Personal safety is the total responsibility of the purchaser/recipient of the device – see the Disclaimer listed in the EULA here.

Is this equipment under any warranty?

No. The equipment listed on this site is not under warranty. For more detail, this matter should be addressed with the person offering the equipment.

Where do I find an authorized medical equipment technician?

Most vendors who sell assistive devices employ technicians who can perform an assessment on the offered equipment. There might be a cost involved for this assessment. Call 211 and ask for the name of vendors in your area that service/sell the equipment you hope to obtain – i.e. scooter, stair glides, walkers, etc. You can also go online to https://211ontario.ca/ to use their Search function.

If the equipment fails shortly after receiving, what do I do?

All equipment is offered in “As is / Where is” condition.

Examples of devices listed on Quipit that the original owner may have required a Health Care Professional assessment.

• TENS machines,
• CPAP machines,
• Insulin Pumps,
• Braces,
• Urinary, ostomy and colostomy supplies,
• Incontinence Supplies,
• Compression hose,
• Artificial limbs, or cosmetic prostheses, and
• Any device that requires a Health Care Professional to regulate (e.g. dosage or pressure).

What should I do if my Power Wheelchair that has power tilt and/or recline came through the Ministry of Health, Assistive Device Program, specifically the Centralized Equipment Pool (CEP)?

Your power wheelchair may be a High Technology wheelchair which is defined as those power wheelchairs that include a power dynamic positioning device – power tilt and/or power recline – as a component. When you no longer require the power wheelchair, it is returned to the Centralized Equipment Pool (CFP) for reconditioning and recycling. At this time you or your estate may be reimbursed a portion of the amount paid to the CEP. Motion Specialties manages and operates the CEP for the Ministry of Health, Assistive Device Program. For additional information, contact CEP at 416-701-1351 or 1-800-395-6661 or cep@motionspecialties.com.

How do I find what I’m looking for?

We offer an Advanced Search page for you to refine your search criteria. We offer browsing filters when you are browsing by category.

You can also post a “Wanted” ad.

How do buyers and sellers communicate with each other?

Quipit provides the buyer with the ability to contact the seller through a form that is accessible on each of the seller’s listing pages. The seller is then notified by email of the buyer’s questions and the seller can either reply by email or log in to their account and reply through the website messaging system. Sellers have the ability to keep their email address anonymous.

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