Adaptive Men’s Clothing from Silverts


Date listed: September 6, 2022

Price: $200.00

Pickup/delivery?: I can deliver

Age of item:

A collection of 13 lightly worn and new adaptive mens shirts, some short sleeve, some long sleeve and 2 sweaters from Silvert’s. I believe they are mostly medium size. Most were worn a few times but a few have tags still on them. They open to the back so that they can be easily put on someone with decreased mobility in a wheelchair which is how we used them for my dad. Most would retail for $40-50 new if you check online. Ideally would like to sell as a lot, but if you just need a few we can sort it out. Alternatively if you work for an organization whose members need this sort of clothing and can sort out a tax receipt, we’d be very happy to do it as a donation. 

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