The Vest Airway Clearance System: Provides effective airway clearance. Has three different sizes of inflatable vests (pink; child medium, child large and small adult) and detachable air hoses. No direct contact with a user’s airway: compresses the chest only. The generator rapidly inflates and deflates the vest to gently compress and release the chest wall, creating airflow within the lungs. The unit also has a High-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation function, which mimics coughing, and moves mucous towards the large airways for coughing or suctioning. The unit is programmable for individual needs, and the inflation and oscillation functions can be set to slowly ramp up to desired frequency and pressures, in order to acclimatize the user to the process. The unit can be used as frequently as individual needs indicate. The generator comes with a pink cover that is removable. Different covers can be ordered if desired. Excellent condition. Original cost over 15000.00