Full Electric Invacare Hospital Bed

photograph of person lying on bed, showing functionality of bed with pendant controller

Date listed: November 11, 2023

Price: $650.00

Pickup/delivery?: Pickup only

Age of item:

Mattress width: 36"

Can bed be raised and lowered at the head and feet?: yes

Can entire bed as a whole be raised and lowered?: yes

Invacare full-electric bed with pendant control provides motorized positioning of upper body, knees, and bed frame height.  36″ x 80″ Solace Prevention therapeutic foam mattress is designed to distribute weight as uniformly as possible to minimize risk of pressure ulcers.  Durable, chrome-plated, 44″ side rails.  Non-marring rubber treads on casters.

Included free with bed purchase: Apex air mattress topper with alternating pressure pump system to help reduce pressure sores.

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