Magshock foldable wheelchair

Date listed: April 23, 2024

Price: $1,500.00

Pickup/delivery?: I can deliver

Shipping & Handling Fee: $0.00

Age of item: 4 months


Any Weather Protection
Wheels: 250 Watt x2 Brushless
Dynamic Drive 360 Degree Precision Control Joystick
Electromagnetic Brakes
Comes with 2 Lithium batteries (each battery weighs 3 lbs)
Driving Range: 16 Miles
Total Battery Charging Time: 5 hours
Battery Life: 1,000 Charges
Weight with Batteries: 60 LBS
Total Weight Limit: 400 LBS
Dynamic Drive 360 Degree Precision Control Joystick
5-Speed Joystick Cruise Control: 0.5 MPH, 1 MPH, 2 MPH, 3 MPH, 4 MPH
Maximum Driving Speed: 4 MPH (ADA & FDA Compliant)
Unfolded Height: 38 inches
Overall Width: 24 inches (Fits through Bathroom Doors)
Folded Height: 36 inches (With Joystick in Armrest, 30 inches w/o)
Folded Width: 16 inches
Seat Width Between Armrests: 20 inches
Seat Cushion: 18 inches x 18 inches
Backrest Height: 18 inches
Floor to Seat Cushion Height: 20 inches
Floor to Armrest Height: 28 inches
Front to Back Wheelbase Length: 40 inches
Super Tight Turning Radius: 32 inches
Footrest Knee Flexion Range: 80 to 110 Degrees ROM
Warranty: 12 months

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