Safety Assist rail

Date listed: June 3, 2021

Price: $50.00

Pickup/delivery?: Pickup only

Age of item: 3 years

M-Rail Home Bed Assist Handle

The M-Rail attaches to the box-spring section of a standard home bed. It does not work on Hospital Beds or Adjustable Beds. But on a home bed, it provides support for anyone having difficulty getting into or out of the bed.

Simple attachment takes only a minute or two and it looks pretty good on the bed. Dual safety straps wrap around the box-spring unit to provide a secure fit to your bed.

A safe and economic bedrail with a unique design prevents hand and wrist strain. The non-slip surface allows for two-handed use.

M-Rail fits snugly against your mattress and helps you get comfortable, re-position, sit-up, balance, stand or transfer to a chair or wheelchair.

M Rail can be easily dismantled for travel. The M grip is 17″ from bottom of mattress. M Rail will support 300 lbs.

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