Super Tilt Plus Wheelchair by Power Plus Mobility

Date listed: May 23, 2024

Price: $575.00

Pickup/delivery?: Pickup only

Age of item: 3 yr purchased May 2021

One of Power Plus Mobility’s best selling wheelchairs. The STP is designed for adjustment and maneuverability, with comfort being another major point in this design, our STP will be your choice in tilt wheelchairs and guarantee this product will exceed your expectations. The STP offers a wide range of dynamics that allow this wheelchair to accommodate many different situations, assuring a right fit for all, even in the most difficult positions.
Seat Depth 14″ TO 36″
Seat Width 16” TO 24”
Seat Height (ADJUSTABLE): 12.25″ TO 18.25″
Tilt Angle 0° TO 55°
Back Angle (ADJUSTABLE): 0° , 5° , 10° OR 15°

Comes with 2 types of head rests.

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